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At Fleet Feet Sports Fox Valley, we are lucky to have a team that is diverse, motivated, and extremely knowledgeable.  Every employee at Fleet Feet Sports Fox Valley brings a unique perspective to the store & as a team are committed to working hard every day with every customer in an "Above and Beyond" way. We hope you always enjoy your experience in the store, and feel comfortable just stopping in to get to know us better, ask questions, and get engaged in all the activities that occur at the store and in our community.

AARON--Winter Warriors Coach Aaron is a highly-energized and passionate individual who enjoys serving others and spreading the joy of health and wellness. HeAaronStaff works as a wellness coordinator and motivational speaker, and incorporates a lot of his running experiences into his message- that anyone can do anything when they have hope. Aaron enjoys being a husband and dad, spending time with people, and volunteering in a number of non-profit organizations.

  • Fondest Running Memory: "Running a 50-mile fundraiser with my good friend Katie. It was 85 degrees and there were moments that I was unsure if we would finish. But we endured the heat, took it slow, and overcame the physical and mental barriers keeping us from our goal."
  • Favorite event: "IRONMAN Wisconsin was the most memorable racing experience of my life. I got to do this with two great friends, Adam and Katie, where we used the strengths of each other to finish this pinnacle of endurance races. We struggled together, both physically and emotionally, but through that struggle we found strength, courage and hope." 
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Running is a conduit for change and growth in your life. Anyone can use their running experiences as a metaphor for hard work, effort, struggle, exhaustion, relationships and endurance. For example, when you run you grow emotionally and physically stronger. Use what you learn from your running experience and translate that into your personal life as you struggle with things like stress, bad relationships and unhealthy choices. It's not about your fastest time you can get, but rather the time you put towards getting better! Never lose sight of that!"



AMY B.--Marketing Coordinator, FIT Associate, Apparel Buyer Amy enjoys adventures with her husband & two boys. You may find her running, spending time with family and friends, volunteering for a Golden Retriever rescue, or singing along with her kids to music from their favorite band, the Barenaked Ladies.

  • Fondest Running Memory: Running a 5K in Toronto in 2010 was a lot of fun! You never know what you will end up doing on a road trip adventure!
  • Favorite event: Fox Cities Marathon weekend. A past participant in the 5K, marathon relay, half marathon (& the location of her only marathon!), she also enjoys watching her kids do the kids' races.
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Remember to have fun first: When you have fun, everything else falls into place."



AMY K.--FIT Associate When Amy isn’t running, she is spending time hiking or “track Saturday” running with her husband Grant and 3 young kids Aryssa, Carson and Maycee. Amy fell in love with running quickly, and enjoys the challenge and sharing her journey with others. 

  • Fondest Running Memory: "For me being a newer runner, I try to find the good in every run…. every PR, new longest distance, first run in the rain, first run in the snow, shortening intervals and ON and ON!" 
  • Favorite event: "I have only done a couple races so far and have enjoyed them all! But running my first 5K and running through Lambeau Field was pretty amazing!" 
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "There will be happy tears and frustrating tears, smiles and screams, joy and pain, trials that will try to break you. Find people that will lift you up when you are down and will praise you in your success. One day at a time, one step at a time." 


BRIAN--Fun Run/Walk Crew  Brian stays busy when he's not running, or part of our Tuesday night Fun Run/Walk Group. He enjoys spending time with his dog Whiskey (a Weimaraner/Lab/Terrier mix), doing yard work, and spending time on the lake fishing (while it's frozen or thawed).


  • Fondest Running Memory: 2013 Fox Cities Marathon, my first full. This was a huge personal goal and very emotional because the 2012 Fox Cities was supposed to be my first full.
  • Favorite Event: Fox Cities Marathon weekend is up there, but Zumbro has been my most favorite event to date. A 17, 50, or 100-mile trail run in Minnesota (I did the 17).
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Worrying is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere." -Van Wilder.


CHAD --Spring Running Club Coach, FIT Associate Chad enjoys spending his free time coaching cross country and track at St. Mary Catholic HighChadStaff School, as well as spending time with his wife and daughters.

  • Fondest Running Memory: "Running a Boston Qualifying time at the Marquette Marathon and then waiting at the finish line (in the wind and rain) to see 2 training partners also qualify for Boston in the same race."
  • Favorite Event: Apple Creek 50K. "Nothing beats running on flooded, hilly, and muddy trails.  Best of all, it benefits are great organization."
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "During a race, smile for every camera.  Always!"



CLAIRE--FIT Associate Claire enjoys spending time with her husband & son. You may find her running a lot, spending time with family and friends or just simply vegging on the couch with a movie. Claire began running in the late fall of 2016 & has quickly discovered that it is one of her favorite pastimes, from digging deep for that PR or simply running for the sheer joy of running. It is something that she has found a passion for and loves to share with others.

  • Fondest Running Memory: spending the weekend with a group of ladies doing the Northwoods Ragnar,  a 24 hour trail race through 9 mile forest in Wausau.
  • Favorite event: There are a few to choose from. I love the Cheesehead for the food and the comraderie, and the Bellin Womens Half marathon (her 1st) for the entire experience that is offered over the weekend. 
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: To find something in life that you truly love and go after it. Live your life with "No Regrets."


HEATHER--Training Program Mentor Heather and her Husband Tom love to spend time up north at their cottage and running their two girls around!  If HeatherStaff-2015she isn't running with her Yellow lab Cabbie or with No Boundaries, she is doing a Triathlons or volunteering for the Fox West Chamber, Fox Cities Chamber, St. Elizabeth Hospital or the Fox West Academy.

  • Fondest Running Memory: "Doing my first 1/2 Marathon thinking I would never be able to run one!"
  • Favorite Event: Neenah YMCA Triathlon and doing it with my oldest daughter
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Life is what we make it: ENJOY and cherish every moment!"


JAMIE-- Jamie enjoys spending her free time coaching swimming for Appleton North High School and the Fox JamieStaffValley Wave, as well as spending time with her husband, Scott and their daughters Esther and Lorelei. 

  • Fondest Running Memory: Helping her friend train for and complete the Sole Burner--her first ever 5K.
  • Favorite Event: Seroogy's Valentine Run/Walk. Who doesn't love an event where you get chocolate and cheese when you cross the finish line?!
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Enjoy what you are doing. When you find something in life that you are passionate about, that is when you realize true success."


JENNIE--WalkFIT Coach, FIT Associate Jennie enjoys gardening, camping, and hanging out onJennieStaff the shores of Lake Michigan with her family.

  • Fondest Running Memory: Jennie's first 5K was in our No Boundaries program: "I will never forget making it to the finish line with the support of the whole group. I accomplished something I never thought myself capable of and it felt good!"
  • Favorite Event: 5K
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it." -Danny Kaye


JESS -- FIT Specialist When Jess isn't working she can be found spending time focusing on her family, traveling and finishing her personal training certification.  She can usually be found exploring new restaurants, running new routes, making new friends where ever she goes, and tackling new challenges.  Health and fitness became a focus for Jess when the need for weight loss and health became present in her own life.  Now, she strives to help andJessV support others in as many ways as she can. Take time to find her articles in the Appleton Monthly magazine and you will surely share her passion.  
  • Fondest Running Memory: Running the Santa Hustle in Milwaukee.  Seeing everyone dressed as Santa and trying to run was hilarious!  That beard ended up around my neck after 1/2 a mile. 
  • Favorite event: Runaway to the Bay! I loved being a part of a relay team with a few of my favorite people. 
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone:  "Refuse to compare yourself to others!  When I run, I am proud of myself for doing it.  There will always be someone faster." 


JOHN--Fun Run/Walk Crew John enjoys time with his wife Deb, concerts with his daughter Sara and running with his son Matt. Retired since July of 2011, he JohnStaffenjoys the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (where he has been a board member or associate board member since 1991); running (since he is one of the 19 who have completed all 24 Fox Cities marathons with the big 25th coming in 2015); golfing; watching movies;  listening to all kinds of music except country; watching the Brewers, Packers, and Badgers; and volunteering at various runs throughout the year.

  • Fondest Running Memory: There are actually 3. Completing my first marathon in 1988 at Milwaukee's Lakefront marathon. A finishing goal of 3:30 to 4:00 hours and actually finishing in 3:33 happy and hurting.
    In 2011, after being hit hard with my MS in July with fatigue and cognitive issues, I couldn't run a mile. With the Fox Cities Marathon approaching I figured I could run/walk the marathon.  Weeks before the marathon I realized that wouldn't happen. Dean Peterson said he could push me in a wheelchair but we might still be out on the course. Deb contacted Leah for suggestions and Leah got us in contact with Christian Jensen and Brian Gruender from My Team Triumph. Christian and Brian took turns pushing me for an amazing adventure.
    Finally, in 2012 I was running the Fox Cities Marathon in Kaukauna at mile 10 when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Matt who was running his first marathon. We ran together for about a mile before he took off leaving me in the dust.
  • Favorite event: Fox Cities Marathon. Just an amazing, well-put together event.
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "You have to have fun when running. Find others to run with and to share the life experiences you encounter."


JOSH--Running Club Manager When Josh isn't working or running, he's spending time with his family hiking, playing board games and sports of all sorts.  He, his wife, their two kids and three dogs moved here from Illinois in late 2017.  Josh began running in 1990 and you will find him training for anything from the one mile to the 100 mile on any given year.  He began helping out with races in 1995 where, as a course designer for his hometown's inaugural half-marathon, he used a folded up map, string marked with mile indicators, and many thumb tacks to create the 5K and half-marathon courses that are still being used today.  He has come a long way since then, but still is involved with the race scene from volunteering to race directing. 

  • Fondest Running Memory: In 2013, Josh ran the Indiana Trail 100.  He recalls how amazing it was to run through two consecutive sunrises.  Throughout that race, to keep his mind off of the task at hand he would ask himself, "If I was at home right now, what would I/my family be doing?" 
  • Favorite event: His favorite event, is the Lake Geneva Lake Shore run.  Just 20 minutes from his previous residency, this 22 mile loop ran the circumference of beautiful Geneva Lake.  This glacially formed, fresh water lake, always has something to look at whether it be the beautiful homes, the trees or the activities on the water.  He enjoyed running this course as frequently as one per month due to the ever changing scenery and course conditions.  If you ever have a chance to run this "trail" ask Josh for advice; he'd love to talk about the course!
  • Piece of advice/tip: "Start small, think big.  Don't worry about too many things at once.  Take a handful of simple things to begin with, and then progress to more complex ones.  Think about not just tomorrow, but the future.  Put a ding in the universe."  --Steve Jobs 

MARK--FIT Associate 
When Mark isn’t running, he enjoys spending time with his bride of 35 years, touring the United States on their Honda Goldwing, and playing with his 2-year-old grandson Sullivan.

  • Fondest Running Memory: The memory of running that stands out above all others is the hug I received from my daughter Veta Traxler when I finished my MarkStaff-2016first ½ marathon. She had inspired me to take up the sport after my wife (Cindy) and I spectated her first ½ the year before. Crossing that finish line 2 minutes behind her and receiving that hug consumed me with pride in the two of us, joy to have done it together, and the unconditional love between us.  
  • Favorite Event: My all-time favorite event has got to be the Apple Creek 50K relay of 2015. The conditions for a run that day could not have been worse and I honestly considered staying in bed. It had been raining for the last several days and was still raining with the temperatures in the 30s with no end in sight. The trail was cold and wet with floating bridges and so much mud on the down hills that you had to slide on most of them. Once I succumbed to the idea that I was going to be muddy and wet no matter what I did to prevent it, I realized how much fun I was having. I felt like a 14-year-old playing in the rain. The last time I had fun like that was playing football in the rain at summer camp in 1967.
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to start something new, and set yourself up with goals that are out of you comfort zone but achievable. I ran my first race ever at 58 years old with the turkey trot, and at 60 I set and completed a goal of running 6 Marathons in 12 months. My next bucket list sport is Triathlons and am open to any advice I can get."



MATT--Fun Run/Walk Crew Matt enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, and doing races with his running family.  Outside of running, Matt enjoys playing other sports and going to sporting events, and watching live music.

  • Fondest Running Memory: Completing my first half marathon in Green Bay after I thought I would never run longer than a 5k.  Then following that up with eventually doing my first marathon at Fox Cities Marathon
  • Favorite event: Fox Cities Marathon. This is our big hometown event and I love participating in it.  The community involvement is huge and it is a great race to run.  Tons of crowd support.
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone:  "Go out and have fun while running.  Setting PRs are great but the most important thing is to enjoy yourself."


MEGAN--FIT Associate Megan is a track and cross country athlete at Appleton North High School who you can also find dabbling in musical theatre. Along with being incredibly involved in extracurriculars, Megan is apart of her schools improv troupe, “Improvedy”. She loves to bring the laughter to work with her as well. MeganStaffShe couldn’t have asked for a better group of colleagues to make memories and change lives with.

  • Fondest Running Memory: Fondest Running Memory: At the high school cross country conference meet in 2017, I set a new 5k PR which is now 23:37. This is 2 minuets fast than the PR I set in 2016. This was a pretty amazing memory for me.
  • Favorite event: For me, I absolutely love track meets (if you count those as an event)! The adrenaline and the memories you make during them are priceless to me! There is so much laughter, especially when my friends see me sprinting from 400m finish to the triple jump pits and back to the 4x4 starting line!
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone:  If you want something, anything, you have to work for it. I’ve taking this one to heart and apply it to everything I do. You can’t expect results to fall into your hands out of thin air. You need to put in the time and work for the outcomes you want.


MELISSA B.--Merchandiser, FIT Associate Melissa is married and a mom of 3 kids, 2 in high school and 1 in middle school.  She works part time at FISC a program of Goodwill. MelissaB She loves to run, lift weights, and go to hot yoga. Fitness and health have become a passion over the last couple of years.  Melissa and her husband enjoy golfing (and watching golf), attending any live sporting events, going to concerts (even with their daughters, yes she has been to Justin Bieber and One Direction concerts), going to local restaurants (she loves trying anything new that opens), and just spending time with as a family. 

  • Fondest Running Memory: Finishing my last race of 2014. I had a goal of running a 5k each month in honor of turning 40, in December 2014 I completed my goal and I PR’d my final 5K..  However the greatest feeling was that I completed total of 18 events that year! Ran 8 5ks, walked 3 5ks, Warrior Dash (5K) 1 5 mile event, 3 10Ks which included the final leg of a relay team for the Fox Cities Marathon, a 15K, and completed my first Half marathon! It was an incredible year!  Prior to 2014 I had only run occasionally and no more than a 5k, I became a “runner” in 2014.
  • Favorite event: Bellin Run, I love the route and all the energy from start to finish!  I ran my first Bellin in 2014 and was able to attend a luncheon the day prior with key speaker Meb Keflezighi (which I got to meet and have my picture taken with him). 
  • Piece of advice/Tip for everyone: "It isn’t about how fast you can run or how far you can run, it is about putting one foot in front of the other and being a healthy you!"  


MELISSA H.--FIT Associate Outside of work Melissa spends most of her time with her 4 kids! Her family is very active and they love all sorts of sports and activities. MelissaStaff She also loves working out at the gym and running. Melissa earned her degree in School Counseling in 2015.

  • Fondest Running Memory: She ran her first half marathon in Oshkosh in 2014 with a finishing time 10 minutes faster than her goal. "Pretty sure this was the first time I cried after a race..."
  • Favorite event: The Noodleini has provided a series milestones for Melissa--she ran her first Noodleini 15K in 2012, her longest race at the time.  2013 Noodleini 15K was 3-mo post-baby #4 & faster than the previous year. The 2014 Noodleini 15K was 7 minutes faster than the previous year. Who knows what 2015 will bring!
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "Listen to your body and cross train. Your body will tell you when you need to rest or take a break, when you need to get out and get going, or when you might need newer shoes. Cross training is very important for overall health and strength."


RUTH--FIT Associate, Inventory Manager: When Ruth is not running or working at the store, she is a mom to three sons and one daughter-in-law.  She and her husband Tom will soon be empty-nesters and are looking forward to staying active with more running and biking events.  They hope to accomplish a duathlon within the next year.  She also stays busy with her Golden Retriever, Louis.  Her other activities include baking, gardening and hanging out with her friends.  She started her running journey with our Make-It-A-Mile program and still continues with our No Boundaries programs.  There is no stopping her now as she has completed three half marathons already.  Perhaps a marathon is in her future?

  • Fondest Running Memory: Finishing my first 5K with my No Boundaries Group.  It was so exciting to complete that race with the friends that I made during the 10 weeks of training.  And we have been running together ever since.
  • Favorite event: Cellcom Half Marathon
  • Piece of advice/tip for everyone: "You have to start somewhere, get out there and do it.  You are never too old or too slow.  It is your journey in this world so just embrace it."


TRICIA--Lead No Boundaries Coach Tricia loves to ride her Harley or relax on the patio with her husband Joe and their Boxer-mix Daisy. Too bad there aren't 11 months of summer and one month of fall! She is the proud young grandma to 'Belle and loves taking her on 'adventures'. Thank goodness she's young since it is exhausting keeping up with her! TriciaStaff 

  • Fondest Running Memory: Watching the emotional faces of the No Boundaries graduates of our programs as they cross the finish line (Lucky for Tricia AND for us she gets to do this time and again!).
  • Favorite Event: Rock N' Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon
  • Advice: "Gradually increase your distance and/or speed. The worst thing you can do is get too excited to be 'fast' and risk injury. Start with a 5K, then try a 10K, maybe a 15K, or half-marathon!"


WENDI--FIT Associate Wendi has four amazing children and a great husband!  Her kids keep her very busy.  She also enjoys reading.  WendiStaff

  • Fondest Running Memory:  Turkey Trot. It was the first race I'd ever done after having my kids and years of not doing anything.  I never though I'd be able to finish it or run as much of it as I did. And it's a great way to start an already great day of Thanksgiving!
  • Favorite Event: Tough Mudder. I had to overcome some of my fears (water!) with many of the obstacles, and loved feeling fit and strong enough to finish it and complete every obstacle (it's all about the teamwork!). 
  • Advice: "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass anyway." 


Want to join our ever-expanding team as a Fleet Feet Ambassador? Find out how!

Employment at the Fox Valley's Premier Running & Walking Specialty Store

Fleet Feet Sports Fox Valley is currently seeking full and part time selling associates.  Our team members are our most valuable asset. We are looking for energetic people who live an active lifestyle and want to help others achieve their FITness goals. We go to great lengths to look for amazing people that are willing to put others first and are motivated to continually learn how to better serve our customers.  We are in need of motivated people to join us, grow with us, and stay with us, and to help us uphold our reputation as the leader in providing unparalleled customer service.

Fleet Feet Sports is a fun and rewarding place to work for people that have a passion for quality service and providing an exceptional customer experience. We want good people to join us, stay with us and grow with us. Fleet Feet Sports is a fast paced, energized environment specializing in running, walking, and fitness shoes, apparel, and accessories. We offer an extensive training program on our FIT process, as well as competitive compensation and benefits.

If you can work some evenings ('til 8:00pm) and weekends, send your resume staff@fleetfeetfoxvalley.com or give us a call at (920) 830-7867.

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