Fleet Feet Sports is known as one of the best running/walking specialty stores in the area. However, we are also a fan favorite when it comes to the sport of triathlon. We stock an extensive selection of Triathlon Apparel.

Look to Fleet Feet Sports as a leading retailer for triathlon gear!

Apparel from:



We are also the exclusive retailer for Fox Tri Club apparel.  Cycling and tri tops, shorts, jackets, arm warmers and leg warmers are available.

Other Triathon tools:

Timex GPS Global Trainer: Fully customizable for multisport athletes that require a high-performance training tool, get pace, speed, distance and more—all on your wrist. Easy to use for those who want a simple speed & distance product, thanks to the thoughtful and intuitive interface that Timex is known for. Read more.

The Forerunner 310XT--Garmin is the triathlete's indispensable training tool — a GPS-enabled trainer that is water-resistant to 164 ft (50 m), tracks data in multiple sport modes and sends it wirelessly to your computer. This multisport device has up to 20 hours of battery life, tracks distance, pace and heart rate on land, and goes from wrist to bike in seconds. Track Your Swim, Transition Effortlessly, Collect Workout Data, Monitor Your Health, Run, Sync, Store and Share your data.

Trigger Point Products: Created by an Ironman athlete, Trigger Point Performance products assist traditional massage to help manage aches and pains associated with the muscles that allow the body to move.

Trigger point therapy utilizes key areas of the body to release tension and create blood flow to the affected area. Products range from simple balls to full kits. We also carry a Core Exercise DVD that works with The Grid (the Trigger Point foam roller).

CW-X Compression: CW-X Conditioning Web technology provides targeted support to specific muscles and joints in the body where it is needed most.

For winter, we added Insulated Stabilx Tights and Long-sleeve shirts. In the both, the Conditioning Web is coupled with nano-technology fabric which helps maintain core body temperature in cold conditions.

Zoot Compression-wear: High levels of compression increase the pressure in the tissues beneath the skin, essentially limiting damage and aiding the body in doing what it naturally does in flushing damaged muscle tissue.

Zoot Compression perfect for racing, recovering and hard training sessions. It’s also great for frequent flyers, people that stand or sit for extended periods of time, and anyone that needs increased bloodflow for whatever reason.

Race Belts: Eliminate safety pins and layered-clothing complications. Race numbers attach easily to elastic cords and stay in place with Lace Locks. We carry belts from Fuel Belt, Nathan, and Zoot.

 Tifosi Sunglasses: We think Tifosi offers the best sunglass value on the market. Tifosi offers a great combination of quality, styling and versatility. Many styles come with multiple interchangeable lenses, great for adjusting for hazy or darker riding.

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