At Fleet Feet Sports Fox Valley, the customer experience is important to us. We are continually striving to provide the best FIT experience, educational opportunities, and products and services for our customers.

Mary T.

"I knew I needed to change my lifestyle. I just wasn’t sure where to start.  Whenever I would see others out running, I would be in awe of their ability.  Oh how I wished I could do what they were doing. I NEVER thought I would be able to be a runner.  I signed up for Make it A Mile thinking that I would just try it to see if running for me was even possible.  It was only a 4-week commitment and priced reasonably.  I told myself I can do anything for 4 weeks.  By the end of the 4 weeks, I am hooked to running and am proud to call myself a runner!  My mind and body are changing into a positive direction! " 

Sara M.

“I tried so many times to start running and always failed....that is, until I joined the No Boundaries Program at Fleet Feet. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive experience, from the excellent coaches and mentors to the information on all aspects of running (form, nutrition, etc). I am currently training for my first half marathon, and I am confident in saying that would not be happening if I hadn't found Fleet Feet! They made my dream of becoming a runner a reality.”

Robert B.

“Awesome customer service! Feel great about a shoe purchase. That has never happened before. Thank you!”

 Stephanie G.

“I just had my first of many experiences to come at Fleet Feet today. It was 3000x better than any other running store experience I have had. Your staff was helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy or sales-y with plenty of tips and advice thrown in for good measure. I have already recommended you to some friends as the place to go for running supplies based on my experience today.”

 Jesseca H.

“Seriously hated running before I found Fleet Feet. I started with their No Boundaries 5K program and the coaches were phenomenal! I am now joining the 10K and hating running less. The staff is patient, they listen to your concerns and their rewards program is the best! Check them out!”

 James W.

“Love your store and facebook page!!!”

 Sherry L.

“Almost stopped running because of hip pain...UNTIL…I visited Fleet Feet. They fitted me with the right shoes and I'm back on track. I will never buy running shoes on my own again...leave it to the professionals, you will enjoy your workout so much better.”

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